The comfortable blue sofas are ideal for informal seating styles. Tables can be brought in for more formal setups if required.

The Orangery has been inspired by the Orange Groves of Seville, the large windows infuse the Orangery with natural daylight, which enhances the energizing colours. The rich blues and oranges erase negative feelings to create an inspirational setting for your guests.

OrangeryOrangery BoardroomOrangery InformalOrangery Theatre styleOrangery As it

Theatre 42
Cabaret 24
Classroom 20
Boardroom 24
U - Shape 20
Informal 18 *on sofas

Marble Garden - catering area

The Marble Garden adjoins the Orangery which creates an exquisite reception, refreshment and catering space. Based on the works of Alma Tadema in particular reference to his stunning depiction of marble and flowers, which create a gentle ambiance.

Marble Garden small

Redon Room - synidcate room

Adjoining the Orangery and the Marble Garden is the Redon Room, inspired by the work of Odilon Redon. The vibrant colour creates a buoyant and cheerful atmosphere. The colours, paint effects and texture are taken from his painting "Vase of Flowers”.

Redon 2


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